II. Summary Videos

This video wants to educate them how to be a leader on oneself. The definition of leader mean we have to lead ourselves before we lead someone. He wants to show us not to scare about the difficult situations which happen to us. We have to think to be a leader of oneself is very important to win every obstacle and can be a successful person. For example, in this video talk about the first day of register in university. He felt very scare about the first day in school and told his parents go back home. That’s the reason he doesn’t have confident in his body. In short, to be a leader of oneself is very necessary for wining every negative thing in our lives.

          According to my perspective, this presenting style is very good style because he stands with high confident and good character. His speaking is clear and clear words. He makes a good eyes contact with raising some examples to make audiences clear with his explanation. He speaks with natural voice and also nature gesture. 

I. Culture differences Personal space

1.     Some American management consultants have a meeting by standing up to say talent.

2.     In Japan, the chairman has to sit down and take times to pay much concentrate about what they discuss.

3.     If we sit down and take the legs on the table, it is a rude action in Thailand.

4.     In Germany, car is the great social price so if we have an accident, we must have seriously responsibility.

5.     There are many differences personal space in Europe but in Mexico the people always stay very close to us while making communicate.

6.     In Italy, different flowers have different meanings so we have to understand clearly about this situation before we give flower to someone.

7.     In America, if we have a reward we expect someone invite you to have a drink. However in Japan, they always buy an expensive gift for a reward.

8.     In England, people always clear their plate when they have a meal in meeting with someone in order to show politely that it is a delicious food.

Apple Company

  1. Apple Company is a powerful company and gets much success in the world.

Its created first in California, America. This company create electronic machine for people to use like Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, and personal computer. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created computer Apple in 1976. After two decades, Apple create personal computer and create more modern electronic things. There were many type of Apple such as Apple I, Apple II, Apple III, Apple IPO, etc. 

I.                   _ Richard St John did his research by interview with 500 people for 7 years about ways lead to be success.

_ There are 8 steps which he talked about:

1.      Passion

2.      Work hard

3.      Focus on work

4.      Push yourself

5.      Serve

6.      Ideas

7.      Persist

8.      Good

                        _ I think his powerpoint presentation is very interesting because the slide show is attracting by the cartoon pictures and it is easy to understand.

                        _ His presentation is so good because he used simple words to explain the listener and make them happy when he did presentation. 

I.                   _ That man traveled by plane and that plane is going wrong route.

_ Three things he decided to do is:

            First, he thought about what he have done before with some people in his life and he want to make good relationship with people.

            Second, he felt really regret with his life and his relationship with his family. He wanted to change and made his life to be happy.

            Third, he wanted to be a good dad for his daughter and his family.

                        _ I think his presentation style is good but he does not introduce himself and say hello to the audiences at the beginning. His voice is clear and clear pronunciation.